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New Year Discount for STP Spark Members!

㊗新一年紅紅火火🔥 長壽健康 💪

即食. 手工. 抗氧化.蝦子麵🍜 水煮2-3分鐘⏳ 鮮味彈牙 加進超級抗氧化物-蝦紅素😍 適合早餐,下午茶,打邊爐,睇波,開OT,去camp🥢⛺️🕚🍲🏀⚽️

Simply add the noodle to a bowl of boiling water and cook for 2-3minutes.⏳ A bowl of tasty soup noodle is ready. 😍🍜 Perfect for afternoon tea, camping, hot pot 🥢⛺️🕚🍲🏀⚽️

原價HK$68/盒,有4個獨立包裝麵餅 科學園Spark會員優惠價HK$56/box + ‘Like’ EiyokaAlgae Foods page

Original - HK$68/box with 4 individually packed noodles inside SPARK Member Discount - HK$56/box + ‘Like’ our FB page 👍 - 查詢 / Order Method - Call us at 2492 0291 or 2492 0292

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