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Microalgae is free of dietary allergens.

Good source of nutrition for plant-based eaters.

Natural colorant and a unique food ingredient that accommodates almost any diets.

Current Offerings

A measured portion of our propriety Scarlet Powder is added into the shrimp roe noodles, during manufacturing process, to enhance its flavor and help us to fight against DNA oxidation.


Simply add the noodle to a bowl of boiling water and cook for 4 minutes.

Savor and enjoy the cooked noodles with the tasty soup when ready.

Offer Period: now available

Instant Shrimp Roe Noodles

Full Set Micro Algae Menu Dinning.jpg

Eat an unbelievably tasty full course meal that uses different types of algae in each course.


You won’t believe what you’re eating is made from the most nutritious and oldest food source on the planet.  

Be ready with your camera as this may be the most colorful meal you’ve eaten.

Offer Period: year round

Full course microalgae menu

Past Seasonal and Limited-Edition Offerings

Bit Sized Microalgae Cakes.jpg

Created for a special event, flavours included Goji Wild Orange with Scarlet Red Powder, Lemon Matcha with Golden Powder and Rainbow Majik with Jade Powder.

Mar 2019

Bit Sized Microalgae Cakes

Colored frosting with Blue Majik, Jade and Scarlet Red Powder.

All gluten free and vegan.

Perfect for tea break, self treat, party gatherings.

Mar 2019

Cupcakes with Microalgae Coloured Frosting 

Three kinds of mini CNY cakes sold as individual or gift packs of three.

Flavours included turnip, ube and sticky rice.

Feb 2019

Chinese New Year Microalgae Cakes

Season Salt with Algae Powder.jpg

Microalgae powder flavoured with dried mushroom, dried shrimp, sea salt and some special secret spices.


Used on steak, congee and noodle or whatever your imagination takes you.

Oct 2018

Season Salt with Algae Powder

Mooncakes with Microalgae.jpg

Assorted algae powders added to traditional mooncakes for festive colours to brighten up the holiday.

Inside filling prepared with traditional ingredients, though with less sugar. 

Aug 2018

Mooncakes with Microalgae

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