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🥬 營麵 菠菜素麵 Spinach Jade Noodles

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將麵餅放入400ml開水中煮3-5分鐘, 一碗有‘營’ 菠菜麵就準備好。

Euglena g. 細小裸藻含有:

- 超過 50 種維生素,礦物質和氨基酸, 是高效的天然膳食補充劑

- 50-60%的優質完全蛋白質

- 藻類β-葡聚醣可增強免疫力

- 促進腸道益生菌的生長,同時阻礙脂肪積聚,降低膽固醇。


4 noodles per box. Made in Hong Kong.

Just put the noodles in a bowl of boiling water and cook for 3-5 minutes. Appropriate amount of our Euglena Jade is added to the noodles during manufacturing process.

Microalgae Euglena g. has:

- More than 50 kinds of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, are highly effective natural dietary supplements

- 50-60% high quality complete protein

- Algal beta-glucan boosts immunity

- Promotes the growth of intestinal probiotics while hindering fat accumulation and lowering cholesterol.

No major allergens. It can be absorbed directly without breaking the cell wall. Comprehensive nutritional ingredients, suitable for adults, children and vegetarians.

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